Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 4 - David

My body is like what the f.. are you doing to me David!!. Im in pain but the good kind after these 3 beers I will have a very good night.
The longest day yet about 117 miles and the rolling hils have turned into small mountains. The weather was cold and overcast all day no rain. We got started early and went a solid 30 miles before I got back to back flats. It was frustrating but its all good now.
We passed Augusta GA and Sumter National Forest. The roads were low traffic and we stopped in one very cool bike shop (Andy's Bikes in Augusta, GA) after the iphone took us through one of the worst parts of town. We are now in Greenwood, SC in a 'naice' motel again ;) too much riding to camp in wet tents and sleeping bags.
We also passed a hiking trail (see pic). The pic inside that barn was 2 days ago in the rain we stopped to get cover for a bit but didnt help at all.
Tomorrow we should do about 80 miles andfinish like a boss!!!

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  1. LIKE A BOSS!!!
    why are pete's eyes so red in all those pix???