Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 2 - David

The day has been very very good. Im loving it!!!
Im sitting in a hotel room in Glennsville, GA. on the way here we passed a very small town called Hortense.
We left at about 8:30am and had a very nice day for a bike ride. We rode about 112.5miles...very good and we are defnt'ly ahead of schedule.
The rolling hills have started and I was glad to not have to tow the trailer today...I was light! tomorrow will be different.
We rode on small low traffic roads all day, and everyone in this state is very nice. I love Georgia. We also came across a cyclist who had ran out of water and food and was dehydrated and about to pass out sitting on the side of the road before we saw him and gave him our water and a power bar.
Enjoy the pics.



  1. thats some good karma rite there!

  2. I love to take pics of the crazy signs along the road--so glad you included a shot of "dead peoples(sic)things for sale" Is that anywhere near where that bogus crematory was found several years ago? Ha (I refuse to use lol)

    ps I USED to live in Germany--maybe you can count it as a half or quarter of a person out of country.