Saturday, March 20, 2010

All done - David

I am in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ive heard songs about these lands!! thanks you Jerry ;)
Finished yesterday at about 4:30pm after about 85 miles in beautiful weather. The small mountains became cat 3 or 4 climbs that take 7 to 10 min to go over, impossible to do with the trailer (possible just very slow) + my gear ratio is not for these mountains.
We had a a great meal and a few beers and went to bed with no desire of internet. It was nice to make it to the end safe.
The Markovics are some very hospitable people, thanks for having me!!
After all we did 485 miles and got lost for about 40-50 miles, chased by countless dogs (one of them for about 1.5miles), saw the real south where everyone is friendly and nice, cars honk hello more often than dogs chase you.
It was very interesting times and cant wait to do something like this soon.
Now the time to go home and deal with everything has come. I thank all of you for following this blog and will talk bicycles with anyone anytime just say the word.

Mucho amor y gracias por los comentarios!


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  1. What a great experience. I've never ridden that far--In my former life I did a lot of long day rides--maybe now that my son is older I can hit it again(before I'm too older). See you in class!