Saturday, March 20, 2010

Done with the trip- Peter

We arrived at my parents house in Tryon, NC around 4 pm yesterday. The last day was a very nice ride...Beautiful weather and beautiful scenery. Felt great to finally be at our destination and were greeted with a few well deserved beers. I think the trip was a complete success...and I have a great sense of accomplishment now that the ride is over. I do want to give a huge shout out to the makers of the I-Phone- We would have been completely lost without the maps and directions from the phone. Chilling today but driving through the night to be back at work tomorrow. Hope you all have enjoyed the blog as much as we enjoyed the ride. Thanks for the support! Until next time...
done pedaling,

All done - David

I am in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ive heard songs about these lands!! thanks you Jerry ;)
Finished yesterday at about 4:30pm after about 85 miles in beautiful weather. The small mountains became cat 3 or 4 climbs that take 7 to 10 min to go over, impossible to do with the trailer (possible just very slow) + my gear ratio is not for these mountains.
We had a a great meal and a few beers and went to bed with no desire of internet. It was nice to make it to the end safe.
The Markovics are some very hospitable people, thanks for having me!!
After all we did 485 miles and got lost for about 40-50 miles, chased by countless dogs (one of them for about 1.5miles), saw the real south where everyone is friendly and nice, cars honk hello more often than dogs chase you.
It was very interesting times and cant wait to do something like this soon.
Now the time to go home and deal with everything has come. I thank all of you for following this blog and will talk bicycles with anyone anytime just say the word.

Mucho amor y gracias por los comentarios!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 4 - Peter

good evening-
today we rode from millen ga to greenwood sc. Our mile count was 117. I pulled the trailer all day and am beat!!! Hills only got bigger and dogs more numerous. All in all we rode strong all day and only have 79 miles left to do tomorrow. a few pics for you to see...

Day 4 - David

My body is like what the f.. are you doing to me David!!. Im in pain but the good kind after these 3 beers I will have a very good night.
The longest day yet about 117 miles and the rolling hils have turned into small mountains. The weather was cold and overcast all day no rain. We got started early and went a solid 30 miles before I got back to back flats. It was frustrating but its all good now.
We passed Augusta GA and Sumter National Forest. The roads were low traffic and we stopped in one very cool bike shop (Andy's Bikes in Augusta, GA) after the iphone took us through one of the worst parts of town. We are now in Greenwood, SC in a 'naice' motel again ;) too much riding to camp in wet tents and sleeping bags.
We also passed a hiking trail (see pic). The pic inside that barn was 2 days ago in the rain we stopped to get cover for a bit but didnt help at all.
Tomorrow we should do about 80 miles andfinish like a boss!!!

Day 3 - Rain

The third day was constant rain...we rode about 75 miles all but the first 5 were in the rain. We were chased by about 10 diff dogs. My laptop got soaked n im doing this from le phone. Good thing i bought the insurance. The day should be dry and cold today. We might hit a hotel tonight too because along with the laptop the sleeping bags and the tents are all wet...thats what she said. Its been a great trip so far!!!
Ill try turning the comp on and take pics today!!!
Paz y amor

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 2 - Peter

Ah Yeah-
So we rode 112 today!!! Pulling the trailer was a new a different experience for sure. We rode through what i deemed "the bowels" of GA - north of the Okefenokee swamp and up on hwy 301 to Glennville, GA. Had a few rough miles on hwy 82 where it murged with 301. Met some nice people and helped some old guy who was in rough shape. Going for another 100 tomorrow...Going to bed now

Day 2 - David

The day has been very very good. Im loving it!!!
Im sitting in a hotel room in Glennsville, GA. on the way here we passed a very small town called Hortense.
We left at about 8:30am and had a very nice day for a bike ride. We rode about 112.5miles...very good and we are defnt'ly ahead of schedule.
The rolling hills have started and I was glad to not have to tow the trailer today...I was light! tomorrow will be different.
We rode on small low traffic roads all day, and everyone in this state is very nice. I love Georgia. We also came across a cyclist who had ran out of water and food and was dehydrated and about to pass out sitting on the side of the road before we saw him and gave him our water and a power bar.
Enjoy the pics.