Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David - Under 4 weeks to start

Hello everyone,

I have always wanted to do a blog, but never had the opportunity to do so. I have started this blog as extra credit for my class. Funny how it took extra credit to get something started.

My friend and I are going to start our trip to North Carolina in 29 days (March 15th). It seems that we are about 90% ready, and it feels that on departure day we will be all ready to go.

The trip will take 4 days of riding + 1 night in North Carolina. Our nights will be spent in campgrounds and hostels. If all goes 'as planed' we should be back home by March 20th.

I plan to do mobile/daily updates during the trips and maybe weekly ones before the starting date.

I need people from 6 different countries to post to my blog!!! please do so, and I will get extra credit for my class.


  1. woow its interesting.....ghow good and nice this is!!!!come on keep up i which you the best.

  2. Thanks a lot...we will keep you informend of out adventures. Once again thx for the support!!!

  3. so you decided not to try to fit the both of you in that bike trailer tent again, huh?
    probly a good idea...